About Us

The Polar Cup is BACK!

I’m excited to bring The Polar Cup back to Bradenton & Sarasota. I moved here in 1985 and fell in love with The Polar Cup, especially after football practices while on the team at Southeast High School. I’m proud to be an authorized distributor of The Polar Cup with plans to expand the company throughout the state.

One of my favorite things to do (besides enjoying a delicious LEMON Polar Cup treat, my favorite flavor!) is spend time with my family. I really enjoy talking about the history of the company and product and sharing stories about The Polar Cup. It’s been such a joy to hear locals talk about The Polar Cup and their memories growing up with it, their favorite flavors and hearing them share stories with the younger generation. It’s a blast from the past and a cool product that we are excited to introduce to a whole new generation!

Along with my wife Diane, son Michael and daughter Cindy, we are proud to service local businesses and events. In addition to my role with The Polar Cup, I am also a representative with Otis Spunkmeyer and other fundraising products, and I plan to add appearances by The Polar Cup to prize packages for local schools!

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